Watch Design Progress

I have been trying to build my watch design skills for for several years now. My goal is to design easy to read, design-forward pieces that will stand out in a crowd for both their looks and build quality. I part of my design process I have begun to exploit my papercrafting skills to create true-to-scale paper representations. I am also beginning to swap out textures as you can see in the images below. These are not meant to be final colourways as much as to test the design against different colours and contrasts.

This is the 84th version of my pseudo-octagonal watch design. I would not be surprised if it continues to evolve for a while. It is currently sized at 38mm with 20mm bracelet or strap. What do you think of this watch? Would you wear something like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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The download to the BBC Microcomputer model is available at the bottom of this article.

I grew in Canada in the 80s and spent my elementary school years surrounded by Apple II computers. While not an official government scheme, I suspect many North American school kids my age will have seen the Apple’s as the school computer, often having cheaper 8-bits at home.

In the UK, the push towards computer literacy was a deliberate government effort. Computers were seen as the future and that every child should know how to use one. As a way to help realize this, a call to action was issued to all the major electronics manufacturers to help create a BBC branded microcomputer that would be distributed to school’s across the country.

Sinclair Research were seen as the obvious choice for the job but through a series of mishaps, the award was ultimately given to former partner turned rival Acorn Computers. Anyone who is interested in learning more about this whole fiasco, I suggest checking out the endlessly entertaining movie, Micro Men.

To accompany the release of Acorn’s new BBC Microcomputer a BBC television program aptly called The Computer Programme, helped lead kids through the inner working’s of the BBC Micro or Beeb for short.

The Beeb was produced by new kid, Acorn Computers.

The rear of the system.

I surveyed a few online communities to find out which computer model I should design next and the BBC Micro was a standout winner. Without access to the online resources, I might have neglected to recognize this computer for the powerhouse it was. Not only was it powerful in its day, it also helped to foster a spirit of digital exploration that can still be felt today. The ARM processor, which is still an essential part for the computer landscape descends directly from the chips Acorn design for the BBC.

Today, the UK born Raspberry Pi exists to help educate students both all over the world and is a permanent fixture in my living room. While I may miss some of the retro goodness of the machines of the 80’s, it is nice to know that similar experiences can still be had by current generations through cheap home computers and ever improving emulation.

While the BBC Micro was known as the education computer, it had plenty of games like Frak seen above.

无需翻墙即可访问 Google 旗下网站的一款浏览器插件(新增 ...:2021-8-1 · 谷歌访问助手是一款让你无需翻墙即可访问 Google 旗下网站的一款浏览器扩展插件。一键安装,无需其他配置,即可访问谷歌。 目前以实现免翻访问的网站有: 谷歌搜索 chrome拓展商店 gmail邮箱 Google+服务 安装方法(安装方法来源于 ...

Watch out for Granny in Granny’s Garden.

My personal experience with the Beeb is largely relegated to YouTube videos, the aforementioned Micro Men movie and the excellent talk, The History of the British Home Computer by Author and Tech Historian Tom Lean.

If similar efforts had been made in Canada to educate the youth back in my school days, perhaps my passion for retro computers would be more widely shared inside my country. As it stands, I am glad that there is a reverence for these machines in other parts of the world and that with easy access to a global community, these passions can be shared anywhere.

Promo materials and companion manuals were a popular source of information.

I hope you enjoy building this model as much as I enjoyed making it. In many ways this might be the closest I ever get to touching a real BBC Microcomputer. Please consider dropping a like and sharing your personal experiences with this machine in comments below. I am always looking to learn something new!

You can download the BBC Microcomputer model here.

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The free Apple Macintosh papercraft pattern can be found at the end of this post.

The Macintosh came out in January of 1984, just one year after Apple launched the ill-fated Lisa computer. While Lisa introduced early adopters to modern computing, the Macintosh brought these concepts to the masses. Using a graphical interface with a mouse and keyboard is something we take for granted today but in 1984 it was bleeding edge.

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I can’t pretend I have a lot of experience with these early Macs. We had Apple II’s in my elementary school and when I was in high school we learnt on XTs and later on 386s. The first time I saw a 128K Mac with my own eyes was in 1996 at my university in one of the computer labs.

Despite have no hands on experience, there is no denying the appeal of this Mac’s form factor. Many of the innovations that appeared in the Lisa a year earlier are back - refined and ready for prime time. It is easy to see how this machine would help usher in a new era in modern computing.

The Mac 128K came with Macwrite and Macpaint. Neither of these are around these days but they served as inspiration for software we commonly use today.

Apple’s packaging also received a more modern look when compared to the Lisa materials. Brand standards were tightened up some to provide a more consistent look and feel throughout. The time-honoured tradition Apple of including Apple stickers with their products seems to have been born with the Mac 128K release. Also, Apple was happy to help you finance your new Mac purchase with their very own Apple credit card (Apple Pay was not the first).

Possibly the most interesting items, were the cassette tapes that Apple provided as a quick start guide for the Mac OS, and the included MacWrite and MacPaint. A multi-media experience was much more literal in 1984 and so creativity (and a cassette player) was required.


Mac from the back.

Keyboard with optional number pad.

The Mac mouse will have been the first mouse many people will have ever used.

Once again, special thanks goes to my buddy George. He assembled and photographed all the items in this post. With the pandemic keeping me at home, I don’t have access to all the things I need to make these posts. George is both a professional photographer and master paper folder which makes him a valuable and highly skilled ally. You’re the best!

I did my best to limit the game selection to ones that ran on a 128K machine.

I hope you enjoy building this Macintosh 128K. The Apple community has always been super-supportive of my efforts so I am always happy when I can give something back.

For my next papercraft projects, I am working on a highly-requested British computer, and then a highly-requested US computer, followed by another non-computer (but retro) papercraft just to mix things up a bit!

You can download the Apple Macintosh 128K papercraft model 小马出墙最新版破解版.

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I teamed up with non-profit in Spain, Fundación Proconsi to help raise funds for people who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As you may know, Spain was a country that has been hit pretty hard by this illness. The retro papercraft designs were auctioned off and the organization received a food donation of 500L of milk in exchange for the models.

Special thanks go out to Martinez Cancelo who hand assembled the models. None of this would have been possible without his tireless contribution.

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Nintendo AES (proto) and ZX Spectrum

If you would like to assemble these papercraft projects for yourself they can all be found for free at my Papercraft Models page. They are a great way to spend some time during the lock-downs that are still a big part of people’s lives right now.

IBM 5100 Portable Computer and Commodore VIC-20

Amstrad CPC 464 and Sega Master System

Amstrad CPC 464 and Sega Master System

Apple II and Apple Lisa I

Sharp X68000 and Nintendo Gamecube

Atari ST and IMB 5150 Personal Computer

I am very pleased with the results and am honoured to have worked with the folks at Fundación Proconsi. If your organization would be interested in doing something similar, feel free to contact me and let’s see what we can do together.

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This Commodore VIC-20 pattern can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

I wanted to send out a tremendous thank you to all the new followers and visitors to the site. I know many people might be looking for: 1. unique things to do 2. at home 3. on a limited budget 4. using available supplies. I feel these models are a great way to spend an evening and learn a thing or two about retro computers. Possibly even build your own retro museum. I try to stay as close to the source materials as I can using images that I usually source from the internet.

Due to the current global health crisis, I am working from home and don’t have access to the tools I use to test build and photograph these models. An extra special thanks to the always amazing George Blanc for doing a test assembly and providing me with the excellent photos for this post. If you are ever looking for a great product photographer (or paper folder), he is one of the best.

I created a Commodore 64 papercraft model as one of my first models and based this VIC-20 model off of that design so all the accessories shown should work with the C64 design as well.

The accessories with this model are size compatible with my earlier C64 design.

When my girlfriend told me she used to have a VIC-20 I did an image search for the different breadbins and asked her which one she had. There were at least three possible candidates but she was probably 10 when she last saw the computer so I decided to make all three (George folded and glued them all - you rule). Apologies to my German fans, I have not made the VC-20.. yet.

Three variations of the Commodore VIC-20 breadbin to suit your personal nostalgia.

鲁班算量软件官方下载_鲁班算量软件破解免费版下载-华军软件园:2021-1-10 · 鲁班算量免费版是一个专业辅助建模算量工作人员打造的一款算量辅助软件,鲁班算量免费版可以为用户提供强大的辅助服务,拥有独家的建模技术,可以在AutoCAD上为您快速建模,鲁班算量免费版还可以智能计算模板,为您自动生成数据报表。

Commodore VIC-20 side view.

It’s always a challenge to say when enough is enough as far as the level of detail is concerned. I love doing little accessories like disks, cassettes and in the case of this VIC, some cartridges. The cartridge bay on the back of the pattern is not by default able to accept these cartridges. I try to consider the scale of the models and a general audience when making these designs and I think even George may have balked at the idea of making three keyboards with working cartridge slots. That being said, plenty of people have taken my patterns and pushed them further by making all sorts of working drive bays and ports. It is possible to adapt my designs with some extra imagination. If I had more time, I would release variations of each of these patterns to cater to different skill-levels. As you can see, the papercraft collection keeps growing so given enough time, I feel anything is possible!

Commodore VIC-20 rear with 16K RAM Expander cartridge.

Commodore VIC-20 rear with 16K RAM Expander cartridge.

Hopefully I can get my girlfriend a real VIC-20 someday soon but in the meantime I hope she will accept my (erm, and Geroge’s) gift of the papercraft VIC.

Thanks again to the community for your many suggestions of computers to do next. I have assembled a list of the “Top 5 most-requested computers” and was surprised and excited by what I saw. Do you want to know what the next five designs are going to be? Let me know in the comments below. I am willing to share but can keep it a surprise if that’s what you’d prefer. ;)

You can download the Commodore VIC-20 papercraft model here.

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Bergen Octo - Stainless Steel Sports Watch Design

The Bergen Octo is an octagonal watch design I have been playing around with for the past few months now. Pictured above is the most recent version of the design to pass judgement at the “Bergen Watch Factory” which only really exists as an ongoing design exercise. Watches while simple to grasp as an object require a great deal of refinement to feel like an everyday accessory. This design has undergone roughly 60 iterations since I sketched the basic octagonal sketch over my lunch break back in January.

Bergen Octo - Watch face and bezel development

One of the challenges I face is working in Adobe Illustrator. If I had it to do over again, I most certainly would be learning Solidworks and earning a Product Engineering degree. Everytime I need to make an adjustment to a bezel edge, I am doing so manually. Rather than going completely from scratch, I am building the watchcase, face, bezel and other items to work with actual movements using accurate measurements. This limits some of the case shapes possible helps to grow my understanding of case design.

Bergen Octo - Case shape and styling -- Evolution

Paper mock-ups to help provide a sense of scale.

When I decided I was going to spend more time with watch design, I told myself I was going to start conservatively and respect the classics. So how did I land up with this decidedly retro and kitschy piece loud steel? I guess, I am not very good at following instructions, especially when they come from myself. I guess at the end of the day, I am happy to follow my bliss and hope to develop my watch design language along the way.

Bergen Octo - Bracelet and lug development

I got in touch with a few Chinese manufacturers to see about the logistics of building watches from these designs and they seemed to think it would be possible, so that is encouraging. I have considered having a buddy help me 3D print a basic case shape so that I could strap it to my wrist and get a better sense of presence.

Bergen Octo - Early Quartz iteration - Colorway considerations

While the top most image in this post represents the most refined example of these designs, there are things that I like about each of these designs. Ultimately, I am looking for the design that conveys the most harmony and is free from visual tension. Lots of pushing and pulling of assets in terms of scale and contrast.

Bergen Octo - Blueskying other potential derivative designs

For every good idea, there has to be a dozen weird ones. Glad I have enough time in the day to think of a few of those too. Below please behold the Tamawatchi.

Bergen Octo - Tomawatchi

I need to see this watch with “fresh eyes” which means I will be putting this project down for a few weeks and work on another retro paper craft project. So please stay tuned for that coming out near the end of this month if everything goes according to plan!

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Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa - Documentary Intro Sequence

I recently completed an intro sequence for David Greelish’s upcoming documentary Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa. As my familiarity of the Lisa focuses on the system’s design language, I decided the best way to highlight the innovations of the the Lisa was through The Lisa Office System.

Home Designer Professional 2021破解版下载 v21.2.0.48 ...:2021-5-10 · Home Designer Professional 2021破解版 v21.2.0.48 大小:230.88MB 语言:简体中文 类别:辅助设计 类型:国外软件 授权:免费软件 时间:2021/5/10

Even today, Microsoft’s suite bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s Lisa collection.

LisaList Detail

LisaWrite detail

LisaCalc detail

The Lisa Office System

These graphics are my 2.5D interpretations of The Lisa Office System box artwork which animate onto the screen in a “flat gridland” all building to the reveal of the Lisa computer itself.

Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa - Title card

Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa - Title card

Working on this project was a great opportunity to brush up on my motion graphics and sound design skills. As a result of the time spent on recreating the individual box graphics you can look forward to papercraft of each of these boxes coming soon.

看门狗2破解版下载_看门狗2中文破解版下载_牛游戏网:2021-1-22 · 牛游戏网提供的看门狗2 破解版下载,《看门狗2WatchDogs2》是由Ubisoft制作发行的一款动作冒险(ACT)游戏,看门狗2的舞台设定在美国旧金山,将会展示不同文化,不同区域和不同种族的人们在城市中的表现。将动作、潜入、谜题、操控无人机等 ...

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The Sega Master System papercraft pattern can be downloaded at the end of this post.

I was probably 11 when I first saw the Sega Master System on display at our local Home Hardware store. It was the Christmas Holiday season and on display was the system kiosk running Hang-on. I had already seen the NES in action by then and I could tell the Master System's palette was more vibrant and featured more simultaneous on-screen colours. The controller felt a little less confident in my hands, but I went back to that display several times over the holidays so I could play the display title over and over. I knew that Safari Hunt must be superior to Duck Hunt due to the extended menu of exotic animals on offer. I landed up getting an NES that year and it wouldn't until my high school years that I would get another chance to play the Master System.

Safari Hunt

Hang On

Nintendo would go on to dominate the 8-bit era in North America so all my friends and I played and shared Nintendo games between ourselves. We mostly grew up Nintendo fanboys by default. Many years later while in high school I randomly discovered that one of my classmates had grown up owning a Master System and still played it. So I demanded that we head over to his place to check it out. I must have played Fantasy Zone for several hours that night.

Oh my, what could be inside?

It’s a Sega Master System!

So this is what a SMS Christmas feels like.

It wasn't until I was in my late 30's that I decided to buy a Master System and grab a few games to try it out myself. If Sega had marketed and distributed their 8-bit product more aggressively it may have performed better because many of the games are pretty amazing and the experience in very qualitatively unique from many of Nintendo's offerings at the time. This was the system of choice to many of the European and South American consumers.

Box is included with this pattern!

Box is included with this pattern!

Rear of Box

Remember when systems came with TWO controllers.

I would be lying if I said I would have preferred growing up with the Master System, but that may have been mostly due to my community of friends sharing and talking about Nintendo games all day. I don't know what it would have been like being a silent Master System fan in the group. Maybe if on that fateful Christmas my parents had bought me a Sega Master System instead of an Nintendo Entertainment System I would have fallen in love with Alex Kidd and Phantasy Star, I know that as an adult I have.

Alex Kidd was one of Sega’s early mascot attempts, second to Opa Opa.

Sometimes I have little connection to the model I am designing and other times it part of a lifelong fascination. Whether it is something close to my heart or something “new” and exciting I am always happy to explore a different design language and share this experience with others in this unique way.

Happy holidays to everyone and if you like this article please consider sharing with a friend or leaving a comment! What should I design next?

The Sega Master System papercraft model can be downloaded here.

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TRS-80 Model III - Papercraft Design

软件下载行业良好口碑_中国绿色软件下载大全-太平洋软件 ...:2021-6-15 · 太平洋下载中心有18年运营历史,是国内权威的软件下载网站之一,提供安全无毒的绿色软件下载,还提供 安卓软件、苹果软件、VR软件和游戏下载 ...

While the Model III was targeted towards the business market, I was pretty impressed with how effortlessly it was able to throw the ASCII-type graphics around the screen. The Dancing Demon, a new personal favorite, has delighted TRS-80 users for dozens of years now.

The system boot up.

Rear of the model is surprisingly clutter free, being largely a self contained design.

As with most systems from this era, manuals provided users with invaluable first steps.

Thanks to the wonders of RetroPie I have had an opportunity to try a number of games on the system. For a machine without any custom graphical capabilities, the TRS-80 has a pretty extensive lineup of games. While clearly primitive, the amount of expressiveness many of these games have is impressive.

Win10系统KMS小马激活工具主页被劫持或被锁怎么办 ...:2021-5-15 · 安装了Windows10系统以后,想要激活Windows10系统,但有网友反映在Win10系统激活导致主页被锁,自己无法修改,怎么回事呢?下面就详情来看看Win10系统KMS小马激活工具主页被劫持或被 …

While I did not grow up with this computer, Radio Shack’s TRS-80 series of computers has impressed me with its longevity as a platform and wide variety of games.

If you like “less common” systems like the Model III please consider leaving a like or a comment. Which system should I do next?

My next system will not be a computer but I will be something from my youth that promoted over the holidays and somthing I always wanted but did not get until I was much older.

You can download the TRS-80 Model III design here.

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Apple Lisa 1 - Papercraft Design

I am very happy to present to you the Apple Lisa papercraft pattern which can be found at the 小马出墙最新版破解版of this post. This was the third pattern I created behind the Amstrad CPC 64 and Commodore 64. My confidence must have been at an all-time high when I embarked on this one because it took until this week to finally complete this one. While this is one of the more detailed projects I’ve completed, getting this pattern to fit together reliably was a frustration. I put this this model on hold three times during its development. Every few months, people interested in this model would encourage me to get back to it. Finally, a fellow (amazing) papercrafter, George agreed to help me finalize the last of the model. Had it not been for his encouragement, I suspect this may not have seen the light of day this year.

Lisa I from the rear

GUIs were foreign to everyone but XEROX users in 83, so a series of integrated reference cards could be pulled from the bottom of the keyboard.

The Apple Lisa was the first to introduce a Graphical User Interface to the masses (ie: wealthy early-adopters) and was aimed on the business community as they would be the only ones at the time who would be able to justify the US$9,995 ($25K in today’s dollars). Apple’s Mac Pro could be viewed as the Lisa’s contemporary and fully speced systems retail for as much as $35,000 meaning top tier Apple hardware still remains out of the hands of most consumers.

Jobs is somewhat (in)famous for his XEROX visit and the subsequent release of LISA OS and the inclusion of a mouse. Of course how everything plays together ultimately determines a computers success and the Lisa was full of great ideas that simply had not matured enough to be reliable.

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Lisa’s “Twiggy” Fileware drives and disks were an Apple innovation and were exclusively used in the Lisa 1. Twiggy was a reference to the famous model of the 60’s referred to the thinness of the disks. The Twiggy drives were slow and unreliable, resulting in the release of the Lisa 2 just a year later which housed the more common and practical 3.5” disks.

LisaDraw - Packaging was excessive in 83, before online documentation became the norm.

Fileware disks - While they look a lot like common floppy disks, Fileware disks were a proprietary Lisa format and were prone to failure.

The Lisa was an important computer in that it paved the way for a lot of what we take for granted today. It could be seen as the first modern computer sold to the public and was certainly the instrumental in the development of the Macintosh.

If you are anything like me, the idea of owning a Lisa is out of the question but a papercraft version is free and will take up far less space. I would encourage you to give it a try and please check out my other computers to build your very own miniature computer museum.

You can download the Apple Lisa 1 papercraft here.

Please consider sharing this post as it always helps me share these projects with other retro fans!


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Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Papercraft Design

The ZX Spectrum was all but absent from the Canadian market in its heyday but that didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in the system. I have watched enough hours of gameplay on YouTube to get that many of the games developed in the UK were merciless usually requiring pixel perfect precision under cruel time constraints. While “Nintendo Hard" may be an honoured title amonthst many North American gamers, “ZX Spectrum Hard” appears to be on another level entirely.

Sir Clive is my favorite tech maverick.


骑士城堡战中,即将战败的黑客不惜请神作弊,结果小马一招 ...:2021-4-1 · 下载 客户端 1080P蓝光画质 三倍流畅播放 4K超清体验 立即体验 1080P蓝光画质 三倍流畅播放 ... 骑士城堡战中,即将战败的黑客不惜请神作弊,结果小马一招破解!

Needing to think outside the box, I consulted the 1982 Dixons Summer Catologue and it recommended bundling “your new ZX Spectrum with the Contec KTN-3732 Portable Color TV and the Dixons TR12 Cassette Recorder”.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Computer and Dixon's Cassette Player

Contec televisions - Light and dark grey

Crosse & Blackwell - Baked Beans

Ant Attack is a cool looking game. Talented artists worked magic with the system.

To help keep you fueled while making this papercraft, I have also included a period-correct tin of Crosse & Blackwell Baked Beans.

If you like this post please consider sharing or leaving a like below.

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You can download the Sinclair ZX Spectrum papercraft design here.

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Amiga 500 - NEW ART - Papercraft Design

The Amiga 500 NEW ART designs can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

Thank you Germany for being such steadfast fans of the site! As a way of giving back to the community I have reproduced some very limited designs for the German market. This edition was designed in 1989 by a well-know television and radio presenter, Stefanie Tücking.

Readers with exceptional vision may have noticed that I have also adjusted the keyboard to the German layout. For those of you who prefer your German Amigas unadorned, I have also included a plain Jane Amiga 500 with this adjusted keyboard configuration in the pattern link below.

Grid Design

Leopard Print

My ultimate dream is to visit Germany and show my papercrafts at a (few) retro computing event. I always tell my girlfriend that’s when I will have made the “big time”. I live in Canada but my heart is in Germany. I would love to immerse myself in the German culture if only for a while.

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Detail of the Leopard Print design. I can’t decide which crazy design I like more!

Limited editions were certainly less prevalent in 90s which made them extra special. Nowadays, limited editions are released every week which seems less special to me.

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You can download the Amiga 500 NEW ART papercraft here.
You can download the Amiga monitor and additional accessories here.

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The link to the IBM 5150 pattern can be found at the end of this post.

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Truthfully, I wasn’t very impressed with the IBMs. We had some XTs and a a few ATs. None of which had much for graphic capabilities. After cutting my teeth on the C64 and seeing what Amiga’s could do out-of the-box, it was pretty disappointing. Add to that the fact that I was not much of a programmer, and I knew that I might need to look elsewhere to find my bliss. Luckily, a year later we got our first Windows machine, a 286 and I discovered Desktop Publishing and I found my true passion.

All of my papercraft designs include changeable screens, so you can choose from a number of productivity programs including DOS and Wordstar!

Even though I never was satisfied with my early IBM exposure, I always wanted to learn as much as I could. I knew these machines were highly regarded and I had read about the troubles at Commodore so the writing was “on the screen”, the IBM series of computers were the likely future of personal computing.

I love making mini-accessories nearly as much as I love making mini-computers.

I love making mini-accessories nearly as much as I love making mini-computers.

恐怖X系列下载_恐怖X系列中文版下载_快吧单机游戏:2021-5-28 · 《恐怖X系列(Dread X Collection)》是十个扭曲的头脑中的十个恐怖故事,许多游戏都试图在内容上模仿体育。一百万个幽灵般的走廊和一万亿张可收藏的钞票,其中一些非常棒,但这个概念呢?把你的梦想提炼成浓缩的、原始的、真实的东西?


Rear view of the 5150.

I hope you have as much fun assembling this papercraft as I had making it. I received a shout out from YouTube legend Clint, at Lazy Game Reviews today so it seemed like an appropriate time to make this post.

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You can download the IBM 5150 papercraft model here.

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Sharp X68000 - Papercraft Design

The pattern for the Sharp X68000 can be found at the bottom of this article.

I lived in Osaka, Japan roughly from 2000 - 2005 and I loved to visit Den Den Town, Osaka’s amazing electrics district. Thankfully for my pocketbook, I wasn’t a hardcore collector of video games at the time. I would usually visit the district to hunt for film photography gear (35mm and medium format, lomo), old Japanese pop mini CD-singles (Chara, UA, Spitz to name a few), and “collectable” Pepsiman bottletops. If you were in the market for Maid Cafe’s, Anime Shops, or 8 floors of pornography, it was all to be found in Den Den Town.

Even though vintage tech was not the mission, it did not prevent me from window shopping and drooling over the vintage tech. Den Den Town is the only place I have ever played a Vectrex or the Atari Jaguar. In the shops of Den Den Town, I was easily able to survey all the vintages of PC Engine, Nintendo’s Pong consoles, Wonderswans, and NEO GEOs, oh my!

Near perfect arcade ports were a mainstay of the X68000 - Here’s Bubble Bobble.

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Some of the best console ports came to the X68000 as well.

Speakers can be detached and placed beside the system.

A papercraft version of this machine is sufficient to scratch my itch to buy a machine of my own. Honestly, the logistics of running such exotic hardware outside of Japan is well beyond the scope of my time or money reserves.

Sound was another area where the X68000 excelled and Overtake is one of my favorite soundtracks to any racing game.

I don’t know if this model will have the ability to “Make Your Dream Come True” as advertised on the side of the case, but it’s a pretty fun activity and a great way to learn a little more about this standout system. This papercraft features interchangeable screens and detachable speakers so you can further customize your X68000 experience.

Download the Sharp X68000 papercraft 小马出墙破解版app.

If you like this model and would like to see more papercraft models on my site, please consider leaving a like. It really helps me out!r

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IMSAI 8080 (PCS-80 System) - Papercraft Design

I must admit I don’t have any personal history with any computers of this vintage. I was born in 1976, a few months after the IMSAI came out. I did not become interested in computers until the early 80s and the home market had changed drastically. The days of flashing lights and paddles were replaced by smaller practical systems that could hook up to your televisions.

A terminal can be added but I love the tiny monitor option against the dual 8” floppy drives.

The IMSAI 8080 used custom boards extensively and were generous with their expansion bays.

The IMSAI 8080, released in 1975 was a clone of the first personal computer, the MITS Altair 8800. This made the IMSAI the first personal computer clone. I know these systems were often used as CP/M machines but who beyond the well-to-do and die-hard enthusiasts would have found a use for one of these systems in these early days is unclear to me.

I really don’t know what I would do with this box but I would adore the vintage led lights.

I really don’t know what I would do with this box but I would adore the vintage led lights.

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Download the IMSAI 8080 papercraft pattern 小马出墙破解版下载.

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Nintendo AVS (1985 Prototype) - Papercraft Design

It's hard to imagine a time when Nintendo was not a household name but in 1985 the company was widely unknown to western audiences. The Nintendo Famicom had released in Japan almost two years earlier and took the country by storm. Looking to expand their successes in other markets Nintendo was looking to partner with a company to develop a Famicom for the west.

Nintendo had initially teamed up with gaming-giant Atari in 1984 to help develop and market the Nintendo’s console. Atari was not convinced that Nintendo could succeed and used this agreement to stall Nintendo's 8-bit development in North America while secretrly developing their own "next-generation" 8-bit console, the 7800.

Nintendo, desperate to find distribution partners, took their prototype to the 1985 Consumer’s Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This prototype was called the Nintendo Advanced Video System or AVS.

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“The evolution of a species is now complete.”

Nintendo marketed the AVS as an evolution in the gaming industry making reference to the law's of survival in the animal kingdom in their promotional materials. The AVS promised graphics that would appear three-dimensional, challenging gameplay and a system designed to fit in with existing hi-fi equipment. This system was no mere plaything - this was serious business.

“Introducing the Nintendo® Advanced Video System.”

While internally not much different from the Japanese Famicom or the NES that would eventually be released, the AVS featured many accessories meant to make it feel more like a home computer than a games console. The game crash of 1983 had killed consumer confidence in game consoles and western hardware developers were looking for ways to revive the industry. Home computers were a rapidly growing market in the mid-80's, so it was common for computer companies at the time to boast the additional benefits of educational and productivity titles as an incentives to purchase a computer over a game console.

“It’s the only system you can buy with no strings attached.”

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“It can play the best games.”

While not naming any names, Nintendo slyly compares their competition’s graphics to primitive cave paintings. The marketing of the AVS relies heavily on the idea that games would appear more dimensional through the use of colour, perspective and shadow. While these claims may seem a little grandiose in 2019, it was hard to argue that the graphics this new machine were a cut above what had been previously seen on any home console.

“It can play target games.”

The AVS light gun could be converted into a wand or pointing device similar to a Wii controller. This was the first time consumers were able to interact with their home televisions in this way. By converting from a gun to a wand, the controller’s functionality could be extended to a pointer, sword or wand-like device.


The idea of going beyond a passive gaming experience was key to Nintendo’s marketing strategies for the AVS. For the first time ever on a home console you would be able to build you own courses in Excitebike and save them to your data recorder to play another day. Nintendo had recently released Famicom BASIC (and keyboard) in Japan and planned to bring it to the AVS with the promise of teaching you step-by-step how to code your own BASIC games for the system.

“It can even play music.”

The Famicom’s sound chip allowed for a wider range of audio than the competition at the time. By contrast to the AVS’s multi-channel audio, the new Atari 7800 system was still using the same tired sound chips Atari used in the 2600 back in 1977.

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“Which is why 90% of the Japanese market won’t play anything else.”

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The AVS, the system we could have known.

When Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System later that same year, most of the next-geneation bells and whistles were simplified or removed from the AVS prototype to focus on Nintendo’s core strength, its games. Instead of becoming an early multi-media catch-all, Nintendo went in the complete opposite direction and adopted a model of quality and simplicity. Nintendo chose to ignore the buzz that consumers wanted home computers and decided to create a console experience people would want.

At the end of the day it is hard to argue the success the NES had in North America and many parts of the world (UK gamers, I know, I know..) but I have to wonder what the market might look like today if the AVS had come to out as first envisioned. The biggest difference between a home computer and a home console in 1985 was its marketing. By limiting the user experience to playing games on the NES, Nintendo was able to build partnerships with many excellent developers and focus on creating high-quality, exclusive titles. It was the NES’s simplicity of use and selection of games that ultimately won back old consumers and helped grow the industry we know today.

Keyboard, Data Recorder, and Console - stacked with cover (front)

Keyboard, Data Recorder, and Console - stacked with cover (rear)

The AVS was stackable in order to save space in an entertainment system when not in use. A keyboard cover would sit on the top of the stack creating a clean appearance. Note the lack of external connections on the rear of the unit as all the connections would be made via RF. Both the keyboard and data recorder were battery powered.

Nintendo Basic

While Nintendo BASIC did not appear in Nintendo’s promotional materials, I mocked-up a few additional support items to help further imagine what AVS carts might have looked like.

Famicom carts mocked to match the NES cart colours and artwork seen on early releases.

The AVS zapper could be converted to a pointing device.

This papercraft is also transformable.

I think my paper models do a good job of connecting people with their personal nostalgia for computers in their past. I also feel that though the filter of paper, all of these fantastic machines becomes equally possible. Even though this machine only exists as a single prototype on display at Nintendo of America’s New York headquarters, you can now print out and exhibit your very own AVS.

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You can download the Nintendo AVS pattern here.

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I am happy to present a new papercraft design, the Atari 520 ST. This design is free to download and build, a link can be found at the bottom of this post. It is the perfect way to start a miniature computer museum in your home.

I have also created many other retro computers papercraft models, to see them all click here.

I chose to create an early Atari ST design, this machine does not have a built-in disk drive.

The left side of the computer had a cartridge slot.

I have created seven retro machines and I thought it was time to build an Atari. I have always been a big fan of the Atari 2600 and the many arcade tiles released by the company. I also purchased a pristine Atari 800XL at a local flea market for the bargain price of $20.

But my experience with the ST line is largely limited to a few remote school yard conversations about which was better the Amiga or the PC. The Atari might have been mentioned for its superior MIDI capabilities but in grade 9 in 1991, this had no real life application to our lives.

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Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters has some amazing graphics.

Many manufacturers produced Atari’s SC1224 monitors. This is the Goldstar version.

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Whenever I add extra geometry into the models I design, I always try to maintain an degree of simplicity. Typically these extra folds provide more strength, are more true to form, and do not add much extra difficulty. Be patient, these monitors look great when complete.

Atari 520ST - Rear. Atari’s were known for their superior MIDI capabilities out the box.

While less familar with the Atari ST than some of the other computers I have rendered in paper, I am very pleased with how this design turned out. Typically my favorite design is the last one I completed and the Atari ST came together amazingly. I am proud to share it with the Atari ST and greater retrocomputing community.

While the computer may lack an internal hard drive, it has a much smaller footprint than it’s Amiga 500 counterpart.

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Atari SF354 - Floppy Drive. This is my first time to make time 3 1/4” disks.

The pattern includes a “functional” drive bay door.

Atari 520ST - Dungeon Master

If you like these designs and would like to see more papercraft computers in the future please feel leave a like below or free to leave a comment below. I read them all.

The Atari ST 520 papercraft pattern can be found here.

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You can find the download for this pattern at the bottom of this post.

I was in high school when the Commodore Amiga came out. The Amiga wasn’t very popular in my rural Canadian town and I only knew one kid that had one. I had grown up on a steady diet of Commodore so I was primed to be an Amiga fanboy. I read a lot of computer mags and was armed with plenty numbers that could prove how the Amiga was better than the PCs at school.

By the time I graduated, Commodore had gone out of business and Amiga was no longer a viable purchase In my mind. It wasn’t until I went to university that I got to use an Amiga 4000 with the Video Toaster. Fantastic non-linear editing for its time and such a shame that Commodore was no longer around to innovate.

The Amiga 500 had an integrated 3.5” floppy disk drive. Some day I will make some tiny blue disks.

Amiga expansion port in case you were interested in making this beast even wider.

看门狗2破解版下载_看门狗2中文破解版下载_牛游戏网:2021-1-22 · 牛游戏网提供的看门狗2 破解版下载,《看门狗2WatchDogs2》是由Ubisoft制作发行的一款动作冒险(ACT)游戏,看门狗2的舞台设定在美国旧金山,将会展示不同文化,不同区域和不同种族的人们在城市中的表现。将动作、潜入、谜题、操控无人机等 ...

Now, I have a Raspberry Pi that emulates the best parts of the Amiga experience and it took minutes to setup. I think I spend so much time making these patterns to atone for all this blasphemy.

Several swappable screenplates of popular games are included with the pattern. Here’s James Pond.

I chose the Commodore 1084S-D1 monitor to go with this Amiga design.

I added extra geometry to this pattern but it is still very easy to fold and very strong.

There are a few additional folds on this new monitor design but it’s still easy to assemble. I am not sure if there was an official Amiga monitor at the 500’s release so I chose the 1084S-D1 because it looked period correct and is IMO the most attractive Commodore monitor of the day.

Pinball Fantasies - Hit those ducks.

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Download the Amiga 500 papercraft pattern

Apple II Papercraft Assembly Video

Happy holidays, everyone! just uploaded my first papercraft build video to YouTube. The Apple II community has been so supportive, I thought I would document my build process.

I feel papercraft building is somewhat improvisational. I cut, fold and glue things in a different order each time I assemble a model.

There is no right way to do this, there are only better ways to do this. Perhaps one day I will really breakdown the most most efficient process but in the meantime here is my free-form assembly.

小马激活工具下载_小马激活工具oem7f7下载「win」-太平洋 ...:小马激活工具Oem7F7是一款易用的windows7激活工具。小马激活工具采用一键式激活,在诸多激活软件中激活率最高!本站提供小马激活工具下载。

IBM 5100 Portable Computer

The IBM 5100 Portable Computer papercraft is available for download at the bottom of this post.

Since I started making these papercraft models, several folks have offered suggestions of computers I should make next. Most of them are the typical nostalgic subjects (all of which I want to make) but when I received a request for a 小马出墙破解版app, I needed to Google it.

This computer debuted in 1975, and cost as much as $20,000 1975 USD (64k). This 55 lb. monster was considered a portable because it had a self-contained 5” monitor, tape drive and came with an optional carrying case.

This machine was released 6 years before IBM’s more well-known IBM PC series and was considered to be among the earliest personal computers, bested only by MITS Altair 8800. To my eyes, the IBM 5100 is the first personal computer to be commonly recognizable as a computer.

The model comes complete with DC300 cartridge.

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This might have been enough to convince me to make this design but as I continued to read the request, I began to learn about the connections of this computer to both the John Titor time travel urban myth (2000) and the manga Steins;Gate (2009). Now I needed to Google those things too!

In 2000, a user who identified as John Titor started posting in various online forums claiming to be a time traveller sent from 2036 to find a IBM 5100 which somehow would lead to saving humanity. The specifics of Titor’s many claims and predictions are the subject of many meandering YouTube videos so be sure rabbit holes abound.

Steins;Gate is a manga from 2009 has a number spinoffs and anime series. It weaves the John Titor myth into it’s storyline going so far as to include a IBN 5100. Steins';Gate inserts many real-life references into the plot and fan’s documenting and collecting these items is not uncommon. Given the incredible cost of an IMB 5100, a papercraft version suddenly made a lot of sense.

The “screenplates” include recreated artwork from 小马出墙破解版app seen at the VCF West XI.

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